About TriCal Australia

TriCal Australia was established as SA Rural Agencies in 1987 which became AGAS Rural in 2012. Joining the TriCal Group of Companies in 2019, TriCal Australia continues its history of providing innovative and dependable fumigation products and services to the Australian fumigation, agriculture, pest control and quarantine community.

TriCal Australia is committed to providing quality products and services to all our clients with an ongoing focus on safety through our product stewardship program. Stewardship of our products is a role we take very seriously.

TriCal Australia offers World Best Practice in fumigation service activities.

We are known for:

  • The quality of our products.
  • Our custom application equipment.
  • Soil testing, agronomy advice, and prescriptive treatments.

From pre-plant to post-harvest, TriCal Australia has you covered. We offer:

  • Fumigant Products

    • ProFume®
    • Telone ®
    • InLine®
    • Chloropicrin
    • Methyl Bromide
  • Fumigation Equipment

    • Methyl Bromide application, monitoring, and PPE equipment
    • Custom built soil application and PPE equipment
    • ProFume application, monitoring, and PPE equipment
    • Mobile fumigation set ups stations
    • Scales, dispensers, tubing, lines, vaporisers, flow meters
  • Services

    • Quality Assured, AQIS Accredited Fumigation Service on a full range of product and structures.
    • Direct "Shank" Injection Soil Fumigation for the control of nematodes, diseases, fungus, and suppression of weeds for fruit, vegetable, greenhouse and tree crops.
    • Inline and drip Soil Fumigation application for the control of nematodes, diseases, fungus, and suppression of weeds in intensive crops with drip systems.
    • Fumigations and pest control for a range of structures, specialising in edible commodity production and warehousing such as mills and buildings.
    • Sales and Servicing of the following monitoring equipment:
      • Fumiscope
      • PPM (ProFume® monitoring system)
    • Stewardship training