About TriCal Australia

Established in 1987, TriCal Australia has decades of experience in all facets of fumigation services and practice. Our primary focus in the market place, is supplying sustainable alternatives to the Ozone depleting Methyl Bromide. We are also involved in supplying fumigation equipment and monitoring devices as well as designing and implementing fumigation systems.

TriCal Australia is committed to providing quality products and services to all our clients with an ongoing focus on safety through our product stewardship program. Stewardship of our products is a role we take very seriously.

TriCal Australia is the only Australian distributor of ProFume, a Douglas product which has been used to replace Methyl Bromide across a wide range of post-harvest and space fumigation activities. ProFume has been successful in controlling Phosphine resistant insect pests in the grain growing areas of Australia.

ProFume is an excellent rotation chemical for the grain industry. Interchanged with Phosphine, it delivers a cost effective resistance management strategy that increases the useful life of Phosphine in grain protection. The use of ProFume in this way is a credible industry wide strategy which provides the grain industry with options not previously available.

TriCal Australia also imports Methyl Bromide under our own label for clients with QPS and Phytosanitary requirements.

TriCal Australia is committed to providing quality products and services to all our clients as well as ensuring World Best Practice in fumigation service activities.

We are known for:

  • The quality of our products.
  • Our custom application equipment.
  • Soil testing, agronomy advice, and prescriptive treatments.

From pre-plant to post-harvest, TriCal Australia has you covered. We offer:

  • Fumigant Products

    • ProFume®
    • Telone ®
    • InLine®
    • Chloropicrin
    • Methyl Bromide
    • Fumigation Equipment
    • Methyl Bromide application equipment
    • Custom built equipment
    • ProFume application, monitoring, and PPE equipment
    • Mobile fumigation stations
    • Scales, dispensers, tubing, lines, vaporizers, flow meters
  • Services

    • Quality Assured, AQIS Accredited Fumigation Service on a full range of product and structure.
    • Direct "SHANK" Injection Soil Fumigation for the control of Nematodes, Diseases and suppression of weeds for broad acre high value crops.
    • Inline Soil Fumigation Application for the control of Nematodes, Diseases and suppression of weeds in intensive crops with drip systems.
    • Fumigations of Mills and Buildings
    • Ship fumigations with or without cargo included.
  • Sales and Servicing of the following monitoring equipment:

    • Fumiscope
    • PPM (ProFume® monitoring system)
    • Mini Rae

Proper use and application of TriCal Australia soil fumigants helps everything grow better. Your crops. Your business. Your profitability.

“Weeds and soil-borne diseases are an ongoing problem for strawberry farmers. Peter and the team at TriCal Australia have been fantastic in helping me reduce labour costs and increase yields and profits.”

George Piliouras, C & G Piliouras

“HortEx and TriCal Australia partnered in greenhouse trials on the Northern Adelaide Plains of South Australia for soil grown vegetable crops to develop world class fumigation management tools. These new tools now mean that Growers have access to an elite commercial service that delivers prescriptive fumigation allowing fumigant gases to specifically target and control soil nematodes and diseases. Crop yields have increased up to 3 times with Grower profitability improving dramatically throughout the crop’s life cycle. The big winners from these new tools are the Grower’s bottom line and the environment.”

Bryan Robertson, Executive Officer, HortEx Alliance Inc.