We sell and support postharvest fumigants, safety equipment, and application equipment. We will support you in protecting your commodities and your profits with postharvest fumigants, safety, and application equipment.



TriCal hold accreditation for an ICA-04 and staff are trained under the Operation Procedure for ICA-04 ensuring the Business and its staff comply with their responsibilities and duties under the Operational Procedure on behalf of PIRSA. ICA-04 covers the requirements of plant and plant material for quarantine treatment for Queensland fruit fly and other pests, where the requirements are a specified condition of entry of an interstate quarantine authority and /or intrastate markets. TriCal is able to conduct the fumigation on our site with the two chambers capable of holding up to 5 pallets in one and up to 20 pallets in the other.


Fumigation is conducted to eradicate grain insect pests at all stages of their life cycle, fumigants are gases that penetrate the grain and kill insects both on and in the grain. The fumigants used are very toxic to humans and animals and should only be applied by a trained, experienced operator working in pairs.


This is the standards for the regulation of wood packaging material and sets out the criteria for regulating wood packaging material used in international trade. ISPM 15 applies to softwood and hardwood, raw wood packaging material which includes pallets, dunnage, crates, packing blocks, drums, cases, load boards, pallet collars and skids.



TriCal Australia is the only Australian distributor of ProFume®, an award winning Douglas Products' fumigant which has been used as an alternative to Methyl Bromide and aluminum phosphide fumigants across a wide range of post-harvest, quarantine, and pre-shipment fumigation activities. ProFume has been successful in controlling Phosphine resistant insect pests in the grain growing areas of Australia.

ProFume is an excellent rotation fumigant for the grain industry. Interchanged with Phosphine, it delivers a cost effective resistance management strategy that increases the useful life of Phosphine in grain protection. The use of ProFume in this way is a credible industry wide strategy that provides the grain industry with options not previously available.


Commodity and Food Safety

We provide technical expertise and fumigants to service food processing companies such as flour mills, rice mills, grain storage, pet food manufacturers, nut processors, dried fruit processors, and fresh fruit processors such as cherries, strawberries, and citrus. We support a large range of Pest Management companies that provide pest control services.

Tree nuts
(almonds, macadamias, walnuts)
Corn (maize, meal)
Dried fruits
Cottonseed, postharvest
Baled hay
Pet food (dry)

Regulated Export Treatment

  • Almonds
  • Grains
  • Logs
  • Timber (ISPM15)

Pest Free Commodity Treatment

  • Almonds
  • Grains
  • Stock Feed
  • Pet Food
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