When a plant is unfumigated they have a smaller root system which means that water and nutrient uptake is poor. As a result, more water and fertiliser have to be applied to the soil for the stunted root systems to extract both. This increases wastage and input costs.
Soil fumigation provides the strawberry plant with the ability to grow a larger healthier root system that allows more leaves to be produced at a faster rate which in turn allows the plant to flower earlier with a larger fruit set. The fruit set is also more pronounced meaning that the labor used to pick the fruit is more efficiently used and cost-effective per unit of fruit picked.
Healthy plants also allow the strawberry plant to avoid major side effects from environmental shocks such as temperature extremes and charcoal rot. Healthier plants also allow the fruit to be more robust and to have an improved shelf life.
With improved soil health, faster crop establishment provides a solid foundation for more efficient plant production.

Our customers consistently achieve increased crop value and reduced pest and disease issues with Strike.

- Promotes native beneficial soil micro-organisms.
- Supports the growth of a healthy root system.
- Improves water and nutrient- use efficiency.
- Results in thriving plants with less crop stress.
- Increases marketable crop yields.


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