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Different Types of Structural Fumigations Different Types of Fumigation

Drywood termites cause devastating damage each year. Structural fumigation is recognized as the only proven way to eliminate all drywood termites from a building, according to university researchers, state regulatory agencies, home mortgage lenders and pest management professionals.

A Look Inside Termite Damage
Drywood termites might be tiny little bugs, but they cause big damage - hundreds of millions of dollars big. Even worse, while you might be able to see some signs of termites in your house, there could be many more hiding behind walls, in crawl spaces or in the attic.

How structural fumigation works?

Step 1: The structure is carefully prepared and tended

Think of the tent as a balloon; it keeps the gas in so the termites die.

Step 2: The tent is filled with fumigant

The precise amount of fumigant makes its way throughout your structure, seeking out every termite no matter where it’s hiding.

Step 3: Every single termite dies

No more invaders hiding in your walls, eating away at your space.

Step 4: The tent is removed and your structure is termite-free

The gas completely exits your place and does not leave behind surface residue or living termites.


A Look Inside Fumigation Process

Fumigation with Vikane® finds every nook, every cranny, every termite. Leaving your home 100 percent free of those destructive, unwanted houseguests. And because it does not leave behind surface residue there's nothing left to worry about.


Before Fumigation

Make accommodation arrangements for your family and pets.
Open waterproof covers on all mattresses and pillows.***
Contact the gas company for shut-off on the day of fumigation.*
Evacuate all people, pets and plants from the structure and thoroughly water landscaping around your home.
Remove or prepare unsealed food and medications.**
Extinguish all pilot lights.
Make house key arrangements with your pest management professional.
Turn off automatic timers, heaters, air conditioning, etc.
Move indoor and potted outdoor plants away from your home.
Don't re-enter your home until a licensed fumigator says it's OK to do so.



TriCal Australia is the only Australian distributor of ProFume®, an award winning Douglas Products' fumigant which has been used as an alternative to Methyl Bromide and aluminum phosphide fumigants across a wide range of post-harvest, quarantine, and pre-shipment fumigation activities. ProFume has been successful in controlling Phosphine resistant insect pests in the grain growing areas of Australia.

ProFume is an excellent rotation fumigant for the grain industry. Interchanged with Phosphine, it delivers a cost effective resistance management strategy that increases the useful life of Phosphine in grain protection. The use of ProFume in this way is a credible industry wide strategy that provides the grain industry with options not previously available.


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